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Kangaroos – The 100 Days Project: Day 27 [74]


All photos: Stella Reid, Wildhaven

You may be interested in reading a little more about Ned, whose paws and nose featured so helpfully in the post about Eastern Greys. If Ned truly did weigh in at ninety-five kilograms – and, as I have said, I have no reason to doubt it – then he would be one of the heaviest Eastern Greys ever recorded – and largest, as you can see from the first two photographs below, one of the Great Greys now almost lost to us. Ned was brought to the Wildhaven Wildlife Shelter in Victoria suffering numerous wounds, was treated over a period of two months but, clearly a very elderly roo, lived only another five. Clearly, too, he bonded strongly with his carers, Stella Reid in particular.

I present Stella’s account pretty much as it was sent to me:

This is my story of Ned.  Ned was a 95k Eastern Grey.  Ned was an old boy, living peacefully with his family.  He was shot with a shot gun; his wounds were all over his body.  The one on his ear became infected, so he was darted and treated for two months.  Ned lived in the bush, a wild and free kangaroo, then he came to me: old, injured and getting sicker by the day.  We treated his injuries over two months…he responded so well.  I open the door to his confined area and he went straight into the water.  He remained with me for seven months, never going very far away. Although in the last few months of his life another wild kangaroo stayed close to him, when I called him he always appeared, as if saying I am still here. 

One day he came and I sat on the ground. He lay next to me and put his head on my leg.  His friend, who was always close, moved away and Ned died in my arms.  

Everyone that came in contact with Ned loved and remembered him as being a quiet, old gentle kangaroo.  A pleasure to have known, sadly missed.


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