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Lynda Stoner worked as an actor throughout most of her life including theatre, musicals, TV shows including Young Doctors, Cop Shop, Cleudo, The Flying Doctors, Shark’s Paradise and Prisoner and movies including Echoes of Paradise and Crawl.

She has been an animal rights activist for 46 years since reading Professor Peter Singer’s “Animal Liberation.”  She has been involved in countless sit-ins and rescues and exposes into the cruelty of battery hen facilities, broiler sheds and pig factories. 

Lynda also worked at the Lorna Hodgkinson Sunshine Home for people with an intellectual disability as Communications and Fundraising Manager for 5 years.

She is currently the CEO of Animal Liberation and a Director of Animals Australia. She is vegan.

Six years ago she wrote the cookbook “Now Vegan!” which was reprinted four times.

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