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JUNE 3, 2015
Ecologist Ray Mjadwesch has sent the following letter to the Canberra Times (unpublished to date) in response to Hugh Tyndale-Biscoe’s article concerning the Open Letter:
Dear CT,
Writers for kangaroo shooting are far removed from science. Hugh Tyndale-Biscoe’s opinion piece to the Canberra Times is not based on science, or reality.
He has shown ignorance of facts with regard to translocation. In the 1970s and 1980s over 2000 Eastern Grey Kangaroos were translocated to save the species in the island state, after habitat loss and shooting had reduced the population to only 10% of their numbers at settlement (Tanner & Hocking 2000). Talking about unsuccessful possum translocation is simply not relevant...
MAY 23, 2015
The following is ARCH's reply to Minister Shane Rattenbury’s response to the Open Letter Concerning the Killing of Kangaroos in the A.C.T. as described in a recent story by The Canberra Times.
Minister Shane Rattenbury continues to adopt defensive and misleading rhetoric to justify the highly unethical and scientifically unsubstantiated killing of the kangaroos on designated sites, precluding open and honest discussions that could potentially lead to a resolution of the controversial issue in question...
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